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Saturday, June 7, 2014

HSF 2014 - Challenge #10 - Art (18th Century Cap)

 The Challenge: #10 Art - 18th Century Cap

Inspiration: My original inspiration was a sketch I found on pinterest of a woman putting out washing, then I spotted 'the spinner, by vincent van gogh' 1889 and couldn't resist trying to restage it.

Fabric: Poly cotton
Pattern: none. self drafted based on images in portraits.
Year: 1780-1800 (but could suit various eras) you can never have too many caps.
Notions: ribbon
How historically accurate is it? I've seen them in many paintings. I've drafted the shape from the images I saw. Only no accurate thing is the material composition.
Hours to complete: 3.5 hours.
First worn: To take photo's
Total cost:N/A

I tried to recreate the sketch...excuse the modern background. I used a few peices I've made for other challenges.

I also tried to recreated 'the spinner' although I don't have a wheel so used my drop spindle.

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