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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

HSF 2014 - Challenge #11 - Politics & Fashion (Gaiters)

The Challenge: #11 Politics and Fashion
Fabric: Vinyl
Pattern: none. self drafted using a combination of several tutorials.
Year: 1914-1918
Notions: metal eyelets, lacing.
How historically accurate is it? Well when I was trying to find some gaiters for my 8th doctor cosplay I read they were like ww1 gaiters. So looked up a few online for sale on ebay and decided to make my own.
Hours to complete: It was a bit sparodic in terms of sewing so hard to keep track, but I think it was just a few hours really. The eyelets took up most of the time.
First worn: Wore it for photos
Total cost: £15 (had to buy 2 packs of eyelets coz I messed up a few.

I had a go at making the gaiters the Doctor (Doctor Who) wears. It seems they are WW1 type gaiters. Which I thought might tie in with the challenge theme. First I had to make the pattern. Which I then cut down.
 After cutting out in the vinyl fabric I had to tweak the fit a little. And the eyelets were so fiddle and took foooorrreeevvverr to put in.
I need to get proper lacing of course and try to stop the wrinking down the front.
I added more eyelets and it made them more stable.
I haven't had time to take new photo's with the era loop at the back for the ties to go through but it is all finished finally!

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