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Saturday, June 28, 2014

HSF 2014 - Challenge #8 - Black and White (1790's Roundgown) EPIC FAIL

The Challenge: #8 Black & White
Pattern: none. self drafted.
Year: 1790's
How historically accurate is it? N/A
Hours to complete: N/A
First worn:N/A
Total cost:N/A
This ended up as a failure!

My inspiration came from the image below from the V&A.

Going for crossover V neck.

 Started by making a simple bodice in my 'lining' fabric (same as the fabric I used for my petticoat.)
Then attached the muslin fabric to that - having learned that the fabric unless lined is prone to...grow- by making tucks in the fabric.

I also added a 'ruffle' to the neckline to make it more....ahem...modest.
I then set to work on the skirts. (2 panels 90inches wide)
 I pleated the back panel and attached to the back.
I think I made the front too wide. I gathered it to waistband I'd made and sewed up the sides. Leaving a gap.

I tried to add the sleeves which stretched as I sewed them as had all the fabric not back onto the polycotton. Gah!  
So this is another failure for the bin. I seem to be getting much more that I used to since I started trying to use any fabric other than cotton/polycotton.

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  1. This gown looks beautiful! I love the front of the bodice, especially. :) I hope you can make it work for you because it would be a pity if you gave up with this!