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Friday, July 4, 2014

Green 8th Doctor Coat

Sooo...I've not had much success with tailoring. Mainly because I just can't find/afford the right materials.
This time I was determined not to use it as an excuse I may be using non horsehair iron on/sew in interfacing but I was going to do all the right prep and no skimping on the pressing.
Took ages to cut out and interface the peices. First I did the collar making sure I trimmed the seams (but doh! forgot to understitch) and pressing. I also staystitched the neckline and armhole on the main peices -even though it wasn't suggested on the pattern instructions- as last time the neckline stretched.

 I basted the seamlines and tried it on the dress form and on me. It fitted ME better than the dress form...but I know that if something is snug on the dress form it will fit me close but with breathing space.
 I pinned on the sleeve and collar to see how it would look - obviously this is with seams on outside.
I was releived that it was long as I wanted it to be. As the original pattern just sits at wrong point on me so its more flattering with modifications.
 I basted in the collar but can you see my mistake? No? Well I didn't till I'd sewn it on the machine...the collar was the wrong way round so the interfaced side would show rather than the non interfaced. Ooops!
 You can see where I basted in the pleats for the vents then sewed them down on the machine.
 I basted in the sleeves. But there was just something not quite right....so I cut up some wadding and put it under the shoulders.
Still not right. I unpicked the basting and tried again.
This time it was further up the shoulder. Sewed it all in, clipped the seams and...
Spot the mistake....yep the sleeve seems don't match. The left arm and fine but the right one must have slipped round.
After much muttering under my breath and struggling with seam ripping I got the sleeves sorted.
Next was the lining. I added some secret inside pockets for carrying sonic screwdriver etc.

I slightly misunderstood the instructions...and attached the sleeves wrongly. So I had to bodge it a bit with some handsewing.
Then I sewed the hem. Next step is a good press and to find some buttons. It took me a while but I kept finding the right colour but wrong size, right size but wrong colour....fustrating. So I went for a compromise and got buttons that reflected the colour.
Here it is finally finished!
Oh, you wanted to see me wearing it...you'll have to wait to see it all together I'm afraid. ;)

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