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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

HSF 2014 - Challenge #12 - Shape & Support (Bustle Pad)

The Challenge: #12 Shape & Support

Fabric: off white polycotton

Pattern: my own improvised

Year: 1790-1810
Notions: bias binding, embroidery floss

How historically accurate is it? Well its not the right fabric but I was being frugal. I'll probably figure out a way to attach it to the 1790s stays I made.
Hours to complete: 1 hour

First worn: Not yet its so I can fit the dress.

Total cost: Not sure it was made from scraps.

This is a spotanious thing I did as I realised my 1790's dress would need a small pad for the right shape.
I will need to find way to attach to the 1790s stays at some point so it may be modified in the future. Next challenge is a new frock.

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