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Saturday, July 26, 2014

HSF 2014 - Challenge #14- Paisley & Plaid (Regency Shawl)

The Challenge: #14 Paisley & Plaid

Fabric: White 'Muslin' (openweave)

Pattern: N/A
Year: 1795-1800s Regency
Notions: Fabric Paint

How historically accurate is it? I used images of fashion plates to get an idea of the pattern placement. but the fabric paint isn't regency. lol!
Hours to complete: I'm not sure 2 hours perhaps? Had to let it dry.

First worn: N/A

Total cost: Cost, now that's tricky, I've lost the receipt. But the fabric paint was a couple of quid on sale and the muslin was what was left of my original 1790s dress I scrapped.

I did some reserch on pinterest and found many images or regency shawls with a paisley motif. This ones shape is based on the long rectangular shawls.

 I used the wood block I got at craft fair to print the paisley pattern. And used some ink stamps I'd found in local shop for the boarder.
The shawl itself was made from two long strips of muslin, finished with a rolled hem.
as you can see the dress still needs hemming.
 I debated adding more rows of paisley print but decided to go for just the two rows for now.

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