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Monday, July 7, 2014

Nautical Inspired Regency Ensemble - Planning

Just one of my many sketches.
So I got a notion into my head of making a regency naval inspired ensemble. I've spoken of it before here. But I've finally started collecting together materials and sketching out a few ideas.

- The bonnet has been started. Covered in black felt. I've got to line it then start trimming with gold braid and a cockade.
- I have bought a spencer pattern, blue velvet, gold braid, nautical buttons and white lining.
Still trying to decide on how much gold braid and whether to pipe the seams in white or gold.

- I have a sleeveless spencer 'waistcoat' to wear over dress but under the blue spencer.
- I am going to make a new dress from scratch. But should I go for blue with white piping, blue with gold piping. White with gold piping, white with blue piping. Blue with white sleeves and gold piping? Decisions decisions.
 In the two fashion plates above I note the blue spencer is paired with a white dress but....
 You get solid blue dresses.

 And two blue with white sleeves. I'm leaning towards the blue with white sleeves more as it goes with the 'uniform' look more.
Don't think I'll go as far as the gold lapels thought. Maybe a white and gold reticule?

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  1. Not a fan of gold piping. I would go for white with blue piping.