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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

HSF 2014 - Challenge #13- Under $10 (Spencer)

The Challenge: #13 Under $10

Fabric: Unknown as it was 'gifted' to me. Scrap of brown lining.

Pattern: S&S spencer pattern
Year: 1800s Regency
Notions: bias binding, string, buttons

How historically accurate is it? I belive the pattern is accurate. Not sure about the materials as they were a bit of an unknown quantity.
Hours to complete: 25 hours approx

First worn: N/A

Total cost: Well the fabric was free, lining was scrap from another project and I've forgotten what I paid. Bias binding lost the reciept but its been in my stash over a year. String 99p. Buttons I think 50p each? So hoping that it came to around £5 mark, guessing at prices and illiminating cost of fashion fabric as I didn't pay for it.

 So I started by using the sense & sensibility pattern. The piping I made using some bias binding I found in my stash and some parcel string.
I had great difficulty getting the piping to go round the curves and points in the collar.

The sleeves took me a bit of figureing out. I messed up the straps to pull in the sleeve fullnes a bit. The inside of the bodice was faced and lined, all except the sleeves.
 I then added the hook and eye and decorative buttons down the front.

I intend to wear it with a plain white dress and a doctor who scarf...


  1. It's lovely! Reminds me a bit of this week's Rate The Dress, which I LOVE. I know it's too late but piping around a point is easier if you clip the flange of the piping at the point itself and on either side a couple of times before applying it. Then it will go around the corner for sewing and sit nicely around the corner when the collar is turned to the right side. But I like how you did it!

    1. I did clip the points but I felt like the angle was acute enough to make it difficult even then. At least I know now NOT to pipe the collar of my velvet spencer as I'll be struggling enough with the material as it is...oh and I'll interface the collar to.