"Resign yourself, Catherine! Shops must be visited! Money must be spent! Do you think you could bear it?" - Northanger Abbey

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Advice for Regency on a budget and not looking for absolute accuracy

SO realising I've not just got to make my new frock, spencer and bonnet...(and another shift) and maybe a chemisette. I have to make a set of clothes for someone else as well its dawning on me I need to plan.

So Basics - I need list of what is needed then what I can buy and what I can make and what I can bodge. Actually a nice guide for a first timer who doesn't want to look like they raided fancy dress up box but doesn't have time, funds or skill to make everything spot on accurate.

Apologies in advance to all those who always want historical accuracy. But I'm not a living historian - this is for 'fun'- so I think compromises can be made. ;)


1. Shift
This can be made.
Alternative - T-shirt will do (I used that and vest tops last time).
2. Stays/Bodiced petticoat
Short stays can be made but I'm not happy with fitting someone else other than me.
Alternative - Good Bra and bodiced petticoat.
3. Chemisette/Fichu/Shirt
Can make all of them but depends on choice.
Alternative - I can modify cotton shirts (H&M do the right kind)
4. Dress (yep now the fun part)
Have 2 commercial patterns I can use (1 accurate, 1 not) plus the version I'm drafting (bib front).
Alternative - You could modify a maxi dress but I'm actually going to sew these dresses properly.
5. Spencer/Pelisse
I haven't got a pattern for one (currently drafting my own).
Alternative -  Find a jacket close enough then chop it up to crop it.
6. Bonnet/Cap
Make from scratch using buckram etc. Or sew the capote or turban hats.
Alternative - Convert cheap straw hat from fancy dress shop
7. Sash/Shawl
Make one/Buy One
8. Shoes
Buy expensive accurate ones
Alternative - Cheap pumps from a well known cheap clothing shop
9. Gloves/fingerless gloves
Sew them from pattern
Alternative - Buy from fancy dress shop
10. Reticule
Simple and quick to make.
Alternative - You could probably find a drawstring wash bag.
11. Fan
Buy wood one and paint it.
Alternative - buy any one from cheap shop
12. Stockings
Well you could by proper ones.
Alternative - Tights (Mine were light pink) or long (knee high) socks.

So going the alternative route you could find most of that in your wardrobe already or in cheap shops.

For myself I only need to sew 1 4 5 6 10 (and they are just updates really). Half my problem is not knowing what the weather will be like.

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  1. Sounds like you need a decent pelisse, in case of bad weather! :)