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Sunday, August 10, 2014

HSF 2014 - Challenge #15- The Great Outdoors (1790s walking dress)

The Challenge: #15 The Great Outdoors

Fabric: White 100% cotton.

Pattern: S&S regency dress pattern, modified into bib front gown.

Year: 1795-1801 Regency
Notions: bias binding, ribbon, buttons, boning

How historically accurate is it? I belive the pattern is accurate. Not sure about the materials as they were a bit of an unknown quantity.
Hours to complete: Well one full day and two evenings.

First worn: N/A

Total cost: I'm guessing around the £25-30 mark. It was a mix of stash and bought materials.

So this started originally as something for the Black & White challenge, then as I didn't finish it planned it for the Art challenge...that was a failure.Threw the result away and started again, same pattern different fabric...and a few tweaks to my original idea.
So for one thing this time I boned the front lining flaps. I'd had problems before with stretching and wrinkling so this was my solution.
the front will be closed with hook n eye or lacing
I also added a drawstring along neckline to help with the shoulders sliding off. Inspired by seeing this image.

I Then worked on the 'bib'. This was supposed to be delicatly gathered. But it came out a bit..chunky.
 But looking around there are some exant examples from the right era with the chunky front panel.
and this gorgeous dress...I was originally going to do something even closer and have blue dress with white sleeves.
I notice her chemise shows slightly above the neckline...finding the right shape chemise is my next challenge.
 I added two loops to the bib and buttons on the 'straps' to hold front in place.
 and also hand pleated the back (excuse the scruffyness needs pressing). Next I had to add the waist drawstring and the belt carriers. Then hem it.

I found that when I added the bustle pad I didn't need to add belt carriers to keep it in place...but then that's only on the dress form. With moving around me it might be different.

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