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Friday, August 15, 2014

Going Medieval! A new idea!

I've finally done it after procrastinating for ages after my first attempt at a medieval dress failed when I was first starting to sew, I've started my medieval dress.
Its for a comicon of course. The concept is Merida meets Hawkeye. Medieval Heroine.
so taking the dress shape from this
And purple and black colours from this

I've been researching the sewing/drafting techniques for a while but felt daunted by it especially creating a bust supporting gown. So I made a slightly fitted 'tunic' instead. I used the instructions from Sally Pointers website as a basic reference. I didn't have 60" fabric available so I did a different layout. I also made my sleeves 'short' with eyelets so I can lace the other part of the sleeve on. Like in Merida's dress. My dress will be front laced.

Concept idea
I'm also going to make a 'hood' to wear - and disguise that I'm wearing glasses - and buy a toy bow and arrow set. I'll need to make something to carry 'arrows' in and a little pouch to carry 'coin' etc. 
I have choice when it comes to shoes of ankle or knee boots. I can wear my generic shift underneath the dress too.

I noticed in this painting on this blog those tied on sleeves appear again...in conjunction with the front lacing.
The colour dress in the above image matches the fabric a bit more that I've used.
UPDATE: This idea is evolving each time I hit a hurdle. So as I'm struggling with the sleeves if I can't get tie on sleeves to work I'm just make the dress sleeveless.

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