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Thursday, August 28, 2014

HSF 2014 - Challenge #15- The Great Outdoors (Regency Spencer)

The Challenge: #15 The Great Outdoors

Fabric: Navy Blue 100% cotton, white lining.

Pattern: S&S regency spencer pattern, and peplum from TV pattern.

Year: 1795-1810 Regency
Notions: White piping, gold braid & buttons

How historically accurate is it? I believe the pattern is accurate. I also found some images on pinterest of fashion plates.
Hours to complete: about a week snatching hours here and there.

First worn: N/A

Total cost: I'm guessing around £25-35.

Notes: I read this quote "The color blue, while seemingly a natural one for the Navy to choose was actually decided upon by the then monarch, George II, who, seeing the Duchess of Bedford ride out in a habit of blue faced with white, was so taken by the combination that he chose the same for his officers’ uniforms."
on jane austen site and that's one of the things that first sparked off the idea. I'm contemplating a 'skirt' to match to make a riding habit ensemble.

I'd learned a few things making my trial version. So this time I had a different approach to the piping. Hand basting it in place first.
I borrowed the peplum off the TV pattern I had for another project. Modifying it slightly so it didn't overpower the spencer.
The Sleeves were narrowed so I didn't have to add the wrist ties. And I added the trim. I decided to have the focus on the back to show off the peplum effect rather than on the front.

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