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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Buttonholes, some practice

I'm going to have to do all my bottonholes by hand..so thought a little practice was in order. I've read a couple of different ways to do it so I tried a few.
 First I sewed the outline using doubled up thread, and single thread.
 Then used seam ripper to make button hole 'hole'. Putting pin in one end to stop the ripper from running away with itself.
 Then I tried using normal thread doubled up to sew buttonhole stitch. This didn't work very well. It kept getting tangled and took forever.
 So I then used embroidery thread. This worked much better.
I need to practice keeping it even next time. lol!

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  1. Buttonholes are a bear, that's for sure. Thanks for the tip on the thread, that's the main problem I have. It's maddening when it tangles and it tangles with nearly every stitch so it takes so much extra time to make one.