"Resign yourself, Catherine! Shops must be visited! Money must be spent! Do you think you could bear it?" - Northanger Abbey

Monday, February 6, 2012

Creative Stitches at Bluewater - A review

Went to creative stitches & hobbycraft at bluewater weekend just gone. It was my first time at an event like that so I wasn't sure what to expect. It was essentially a big marketplace with 'stalls either selling stuff or promoting guilds etc. I have to say I enjoyed it and would have liked to have stayed longer...although I think that may have led to spending a fortune on fabric and haberdashery. lol!

I found the hobby craft section didn't appeal to me...seemed to consist of mainly 'papercraft'. But I liked the creative stitches section. And looking around at the various items on display its given me inspiration for some of my own projects. Particularly the quilts.
There was a 'fashion show' too.

There were some outfits from the show Downton Abbey on display.

Looking at them up close you could really see the detail and effort that must have gone into them.

There was also some lace being made and a display of different regions lace.
There was also a wool coat. (the Newbury Coat) Bet that is cosy to wear in the winter.
All in all I enjoyed it bought some patterns and got some fabulous buttons. Wish I'd have brought more money to get some fabric as well....although how I could choose with such a wide selection. lol!


  1. SO envious! We run an event a bit like the sewing side of this fair but nothing so glamorous or enticing as costumes from Downton Abbey alas! And the NEwbury coat story is fascinating. PIty the journo who wrote the article focussed on them not beating the record instead the extraordinary event in its own right!

    1. It was only a few of the costumes. I'd like to go to Highclere to the location Downton got filmed at. I wanted to know more about the Newbury coat too. Would have made a fascinating documentary from fleece to coat.

  2. Wow, I would love going to an event like that!!!

    1. You'll have to see if there are any when you next come over to UK

    2. No time this year I'm afraid:( But another time I'll have to organize for a cool-sewing-event trip!