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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Knitting a shawl

So I found a pattern for knitting a type of shawl called a 'sontag'. It wraps round and ties behind. First saw it on BBC series 'lark rise to candleford' and thought 'ooh, I want one of those'.
I'm using a pattern off ravelry.com which uses circular needles in order to contain all the stitches. I've never done this type of knitting before I'm a scarf knitter really. So it will be learning process. I also had to learn to increase using knit front and back method....another new skill.
You just knit back and forth like normal. I chose a neutral grey wool.
There's a whole thing with 'slipping marker' which I wasn't quite sure about as didn't know where to place marker...in between the 2 stitches or on the loop of stitch itself. Went for in between stitches in the end.
As far as I got in one evening

Will keep you updated on my progress......

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