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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Simplicity 3847 - the shirt - part 3

I shall now bring you up to date on this project.
First I sewed the sleeve as per instructions. It said to hem the 'cuff' before attaching to armhole.
I eased the sleevehead pinning it in place....
Pinning sleeve in armhole
Then sewed both sleeves....
sleeve from top

Now here is the complete shirt..well almost complete buttonholes still to be done.

Front (inside out)

Back (inside out)
I have a little problem. When trying it on I found my arm movement was severely restricted. If I tried to lift arms up and 90 degrees the armband dug into my arm. Thus I seem to be stuck with arms at my side with it. I cut the pattern accurately and followed the instructions. 
sleeve shown inside out

Why is it not working?
Is there adjustments that need to be made....what are they?
To me it seemed like they needed to be wider at the armband....is this assumption correct?


  1. Hi LadyD. Interesting issue. Could be a couple of things. Are the sleeves in the right way around? The back of a sleeve head is cut fuller then the front so if you have put them in back to front, it will be really tricky. Hard to tellf rom pics but there are signs. If you have to take them out and redo, this tie run a couple of gathering stitche along the sleeve cap and use these to gently ease out the fullness. Much easier to put in that way. The toher pissibility is that it is the sleeve pattern. It looks generally quite high and narrow, whereas for a less restricted fit, the sleeve shape is lower and wider. Tell you waht, check out the first tip and if it's not that, if you can scan the pattern piece, in two halves if needed, and send it to me, I'll redraft it for you and send it back.

    1. I know the general fit overall is very *snug* so maybe making everything 2cm bigger might help. Also wondering about the pitch* of the sleeves.If they were tilted slightly I might be able to get further before it bites.

      *I know ooh technical word. Watched a program where they said it was important.

    2. Yup, good word! Basically you want to lower the pitch and make the sleeve wider. Spread it out. You'd have to recut though to do this. Do you have enough fabric left to do that? It's not about making it bigger, but about it being a diff shape. I will try and draw and send.

    3. Yes I have enough fabric for one more set of sleeves (fortunately that's because I bought 2 metres instead of 2 yards...you get a little bit more for your money).
      I do have some scrap in another colour I can use to test the sleeve pattern amendments.
      I was comparing this sleeve pattern to the one I have for puffed sleeve of regency dress and noticing a significant difference...the puffed sleeve has much more room for maneuver and adjustment to individual arm sizes.

    4. I have a pic to send you if you email me? mine is maryanneh at xtra dot co dot nz. It's simple to do once you get the principles :)

  2. Gosh please excuse my terrible typing! I think my keyboard is sticking!

    1. lol! I've just read what you wrote...he he...freudian slip perhaps?

    2. Freudian ones are the best kind. Except for silk ;-)