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Friday, February 17, 2012

Knitting a 1940's snood

The Pattern says its originally from 1944 so I guess that makes it vintage. ;)
My method of casting on is...erm...novel, but self taught. I sort of worked it out and know its not correct but it does the job.
Its involved me learning what YO means (yarn over). And leading me on to learning how to do lace stitch.
I like how having holes - on purpose!- means it gets bigger quicker. I may have to knit more things with big holes. lol!
At one point I seemed to loose or gain a stitch I'm not sure which its hard to tell. All I knew is I couldn't start and end with K1 so I was a stitch out. So on the Purling row I just purled 2 together. Before you ask I can decrease but not sure how you increase stitches. That's what only ever knitting triangles and squares does.
I chose red because it was at the top of my craft box...I know there's some grey wool in there somewhere. But I've been known to knit with embroidery thread and ribbon when I've run out of wool before so don't be surprised I just went with what I had stashed. I probably need a less fluffy wool but this'll do for now.
SO finally finished it. Like how quick it went. Didn't understand the making up instructions so just experimented.
I think I shall make another one in thinner wool that matches my hair colour.

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