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Friday, August 31, 2018

HSF 2015 - Challenge #5 - Practicality

So with all the talk of the new Cinderella movie I remeber the animated version and thought it would be cool to cosplay cinders poor clothing rather than a ball gown. As I've nowhere to store a ballgown.
I've see HA versions of the ball dress but no one has tried to do her other outfits in a HA fashion. Now the Grimm story was published in 1812 -according to wiki- I wanted to make it from that kinda era. I surmised Cinderella would be wearing clothes that wasn't the height of fashion. Looking at some of the paintings of late 18th century servants for reference I realised I could put most of the outfit together from what I had with just one addition.

First I had to dye my long sleeve shift blue to match the disney colours.
Then I had to make some quilted jumps...originally I intended to make them brown but I didn't have any of the right fabric in my stash. So instead I erm...upcycled a failed skirt.
My inner batting layer was some felt -not the craft type- and inside layer was leftover cotton.
I had to tack the layers together first then chalk out the quilting lines. So I started with the front panels. I took the oppertunity to use one of the decorative stiches on my new-ish machine.

Then I sewed the pannels together, made the eyelets by hand (spiral lacing).

Started binding the edges front first.

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