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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

HSF 2014 - Challenge #19 - HSF Inspiration (Bustle)

The Challenge: #19 HSF Inspiration - Transdimensional Bustle

Fabric: Cotton.

Pattern: Used instructions from american duchess to give me a rough guide but mainly lots of drafting and bodging. lol!
Year: 1870's
Notions: Boning, lacing cord.
How historically accurate is it? There are examples of similar types of support for the era.

Hours to complete: 3 hours-ish. More if you include time I took to make mock up.

First worn: N/A
Total cost: at a guess £20

Well there were several angles of inspiration here. Firstly American Duchess tutorial on how to make a lobster tail bustle. The other being this HSF participants bustle which showed you could make it a more modest size. And finally the TARDIS interior.

And here is how it looks with the skirt over it....
And on the dress form once I'd added a ruffle to disguise my wonkey hem due to 'upcycling' a skirt not meant to be worn with one. lol

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