"Resign yourself, Catherine! Shops must be visited! Money must be spent! Do you think you could bear it?" - Northanger Abbey

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A regency cap...to save a fortune in hair dressing

So I've noticed that wearing a bonnet or turban really messes up your hair. I end up looking like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards. How do I solve this problem. A cap!
I like the one on the right
Now I know its usually older women who wear them. But I'm planning on wearing under headress rather than as a cap in its own right.

A Lavinia hat of fine moss straw — a small cap of lace beneath, ornamented on one side with a small bunch of flowers, and tied with cerulean blue ribband on the other.
With my bonnet (I finally found one I liked that didn't make me feel like a pet wearing one of those cone things). I soaked it and shaped it. Still haven't decorated it yet.
It looks close to the one in the image above.

It looks to me in the fashion plate she has some kind of cap underneath. And she doesn't look 'ancient' or anything.

 So using some mystery left over fabric I cut off a skirt lining that looked like it was lightweight enough.
This is the cap 'undecorated'. It sites quite far back on my head. 

And above is the 'trim' pinned on. What do you think...does it work or is it too fussy?

In case anyone wants to know this was basically my process.

Here are some additional images now I've finished the bonnet.

 And to show how the 'lace cap' looks underneath.


  1. Thank you for this tutorial. I was always planning to make a cup for wearing this under my bonnets and now I can try it. Your cap and you bonnets are very lovely. Are you goint to the Jane Austen Festival in Bath? Best regards Thilda

    1. Thanks. It was just me experimenting rather than an authentic pattern of the era. But it works for me.
      Yes. I'm going to the one in Bath. Hope it isn't too windy/wet... don't want my bonnet blown away. lol!

  2. Oooooh You are goint to Bath!!! You must be lucky, indeed!! :-) I wish I could be there, but I can´t this year!! But definetely in 2013! So I wish you a good time in Bath and lovely, lovely moments!!!