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Friday, August 17, 2012

Thoughts on vintage & retro patterns

Just to start in this context I'm using 'vintage' to mean original and 'retro' to mean modern reproduction of a 'vintage' pattern.

I have to admit to following a lot of blogs where both vintage and retro patterns are sewn. 'Its the 30's and 40's patterns I look at and think 'I want that dress'. But *whispers* I don't like 2nd hand...even patterns...I know I'm just weird like that. There seems to be such a varied selection out there but looking at the big pattern companies retro releases you'd think there was only 50's style. 

I wish they would take note of the more stylish patterns from earlier eras. They all seem to be based on fitted bodice & circle skirt combinations with of course a few exceptions. I for one have used simplicity 4044 suit pattern several times now...but can I find a matching shirt/blouse pattern I think is nice (yes I know 3688 but I need a V neck on tops...high necks just make me look out of proportion).

I don't want a 'costume' I want something I can wear *everyday*. I don't want 'pin up' I want to look like your average person. Like you would actually see in photos of ordinary people of the era.

And another thing what happened to the 20's & 30's they seem sorely neglected when it comes to patterns!?

And what's so wrong with doing separates rather than dresses all the time?

If I want anything with style and practicality it seems to be the smaller pattern producers that are listening to the market rather than pumping out yet another dress that would look at home on the set of grease. I have enough "50's" outfits (they do take up lots of room in the wardrobe don't they?) 

The only newly released pattern that has appealed to me as a little different is simplicity 1777...although I'm afraid the 'ruched front' will look a little ridiculous on me.

I don't mean for this to be a rant...but living in the UK I find it so expensive to get hold of patterns from abroad. I wish I had the skills to draft something with complexity (yes for me anything more than a vest top is complex).

* additional note I like Simplicity instructions but Butterick 'fit'. Have yet to try to make up a Vogue pattern.

Its ok...I'll go back in my box now.

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