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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Regency Dress- Fichu's, chemise's and embroidery

Making a start on embroidery

What's needed for those regency gowns in typical British weather is something to fill in the neckline. Enter Fichus and Chemises. Now I'm a scarf wearing girl myself so I decided to make a fichu.
Having read this article on the subject and gained some good advice on the subject of fabrics from the Sense&Sensibility forum...I decided to go and rummage through my offcuts bag. I had just enough of some plain white polycotton left over to make a 'triangle' although it was more of a rounded triangle, but not quite a half circle and shaped the neck.
Hand sewed a rolled hem. And now for the decorations.

This is my initial design. Taking influence from the 'classical' but also adding in a little nod to the 'seaside'. I wanted it to be simple enough so I could do it in the time available.
It would be much quicker in running stitch and lazy daisy....but I suspect that is a modern option and satin stitch is what's needed.

Update: I have some more images.

And a close up of the detail...

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