"Resign yourself, Catherine! Shops must be visited! Money must be spent! Do you think you could bear it?" - Northanger Abbey

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Regency Dance - thinking about what to wear

I have signed up for the 'Beginners’ Dance Workshop' at the Jane Austen Festival. So I thought I really should think carefully about what I choose to wear. For one thing I think I will have to have my hair dressed differently. And secondly I'm thinking about hem length.
I don't want it to drag along the ground/get caught up in my feet when dancing but I don't want it too short so it spoils the effect. And as essentially I only have one dress (one petticoat and one open robe). I'm going to have to find a way of stopping it getting dirty/smelly so I can wear it twice.  Maybe it will add to the authenticity? 
I wonder if there's a launderette near the B&B? lol! If worse come to worst I am packing my modern maxi dress which will probably 'pass'. 


  1. I have Extreme Jane Austen Festival Attendance Envy, or EJAFAE. I didn't spend much time in Bath, but the little exploring we did, mostly up the hill, was so enchanting I really want to go back. Have a great time!

    1. You'll have to come over for it one year. Its taken me a while to save up for it myself.
      It all adds up after transport, accommodation and food, then you pay for each thing individually. Eeep! Spent more than I was planning to.