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Friday, August 3, 2012

Regency dress...modesty and material

I tried my dress on the other day and realized as the light shone in the window behind me that was having the issue that my fabric was a little too transparent. A bodiced petticoat is in order. Although as I am wearing a corset I won't need the boning. So something like this one? Or Should I just have a suspendered petticoat?
Thing is I'm not sure of which fabric to use.

There's the fabric I used for my mock up which is quite stiff (curtain lining).
fabric bottom right

Or there's some (what I was told) was linen. But its stiffer than I expect linen to be and has 'slubs' in the fabric but sill not as stiff as the lining.

Or I have some cream polycotton I was going to use with the polkadot for a top.

I have 2 metres of each of the fabric.

Erm help?


  1. You can make a gathered tube that finishes under the bust, even with elastic if you aren't going for an all-the-way-through suthentic thing, and add a couple of shoulder straps to it to hold it up. These would go on the outside of your bust. I believe such petticoats were fairly common. Without elastic of course!

    1. To save money and fabric I dragged this
      out of the wardrobe and 'adjusted' it. Adding darts and changing the waistline to fit more smoothly.
      Although it shows over the top of the dress neckline...so looks like a fichu to hide it will be a must.