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Monday, August 6, 2012

Every time I use a machine it reminds me how much I hate sewing machines

Every time I use a machine it reminds me how much I hate sewing machines...
I'm running out of time so in a panic I got out the sewing machine...and instantly regretted it. first the bobbin wouldn't wind properly (all loose and knotted). Then the tension I needed didn't seem to exist...and the stitch size wasn't right.

Then when I finally - after half an hour of cursing the stupid machine - got to do some sewing I ended up spending more time seam ripping than sewing. And I got backache!!!
Grrr! I virtually never have to use the ripper when I hand sew.

At least I did get one thing finished...but whatever you do don't look inside the seams are a mess.

I tried to make a start on the sleeves of the short sleeve dress....just ended up in a tangled mess. Spent all evening untangling it. Would have been quicker to re-cut the sleeves.

I don't think anyone will ever convince me sewing machines are pleasant to use. I'm just going to have to step up my hand sewing speed...

some examples of machine sewing problems:


  1. I agree. I won't use my machine unless I have long straight stitches to make, like period skirt seams. I don't feel like I have proper control with a machine and they're a pain in the a$$ is you ask me.

    Some people live, breathe and swear by their machines and I think that's great. But they aren't for everyone that's for sure. I hate them.

  2. Sarah. Ineed to take you in hand and walk you through your machine ...i swear i could get you on track with it, , although even i have problems as i took one of mine back to the menders today only to ne told i hadn't threaded it right ...dohhhh :) mrs bee x

    1. Your welcome to try. :)
      It would solve a lot of (running out of time) issues if I could learn to love the sewing machine....or at least be on civil terms with it.

  3. I had a sewing machine like that! It was torture and I had it for years, so I definitely feel you. Purists say that it's usually user error, and while that may or may not be true, I can definitely say that some machines are easier to use than others. Your bag looks great, by the way!

  4. I think we have all had these kind of problems. Sometimes it starts when I find myself in a great hurry...

    I sew on a treadle, so these issues are few and far between, but they do happen. Just take your time and begin again. :)