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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Regency Dress II - Accessories

Well I've made my reticule... and now I'm onto dressing my hair. Not only have I been playing with how to set my hair with rollers so it lasts more than 2 hours before it looks like someone's been at it with the straightening iron. I've been working on the regency bandau/turban item.
My most successful curling involved changing to centre parting, putting in rollers overnight and just curling the fringe (for my US readers what you call 'bangs'). I pin up the back in pin curls.

Now for the headress. I was originally planning to use some lovely luxurious looking material. But it was way to slippery, kept fraying and was a pig to sew.
So...Plan B after a little discussion over at the forum I rummaged through my material, to spot the old cardigan I was about to throw away. I thought that'll work. Its got a little stretch in it, was the right colour and gripped my hair. So I cut off one of the sleeves, stuffed it with some old tights and sewed it up as a band. Then disguised the join with the bias binding I'd made from my 'open robe' material. Added a cameo broach, and a 'rosette' I'd made from ribbon. I think it still needs a feather.
I also used my fichu to tie my hair up in a 40's kinda turban before adding the bandau over the top, thus covering the hair showing at the back.

In other news I've nearly finished my open robe just need to add the closures but that can wait till I finished the short sleeve dress so I can judge where to add the hook & eye over the layers.

Additional Update.
Found a yellow scarf in my stash...matches flowers in the fabric I'm using for short sleeved dress.

Also found a passable shawl...its orange, but it has a cream panel in
the middle.

I also have my walking shoes...

Of course I'll change the ribbons.

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